Posted on: April 5, 2009 3:16 pm

Sunday thoughts

  •  BoSox kick things off tomorrow with one of the most impressive bullpens in recent memory.  The availability of their farm talent makes it even more impressive
  • Kampmann's split descision over Condit was a great fight to watch, and definitely a toss-up.  Under Pride scoring, I think Condit would have gotten the nod.
  • Why did Calhoun feel the need to sound off about his future so soon after the loss?  I realize the press has put some pressure on him as of late, but shouldn't he be used to the scrutiny by now?
  • Sean Avery's tap on the head of Tim Thomas isn't the huge deal some of my Bruins faithful would have you believe.  It's Avery, that's what he does.  The bigger issue is the skaters not retaliating for their keeper enough recently.  Thomas has a reputation for being hot-tempered, and he could start to lose the AMAZING focus he has been showing if he is forced to deal with these issues himself.
  • Julius Peppers is really putting the screws to the Panthers by tying up their free agency money.
  • Congrats Chicago, you finally have a franchise QB.  Who is he going to throw to?



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